Cremated Remains Options

Thoughts for Cremated Remains

Displaying the Urn at Home

Many people find comfort in keeping the remains close by displaying them within their home. Some people choose to display the urn in living or family rooms alongside photographs and other personal items. For others, they store the urn within a more private space like an office or workshop and visit it when they want to feel a connection to their loved one.

Because this method of disposition presents the opportunity to store the urn in different places, there are many styles to choose from; wooden, marble, ceramic, bronze, cloisonné, and metal urns are some of the most popular choices.


Spreading the Cremated Remains

Choosing to spread a loved one's cremated remains in an area that was meaningful to the deceased is another popular way of caring for the remains. If your family is interested in planning an cremation scattering ceremony, a scattering urn would be the best choice. Before spreading the cremated remains, it is important to research local laws and speak with the proper authorities.


Bury in a cemetery plot

Some families wish to have a traditional burial once the remains have been cared for. Many cemeteries now offer community gardens where you can bury the ashes of your loved one alongside others.

Another popular option is to bury the urn itself. This requires you to also purchase an urn vault to help ensure the soil does not collapse the urn if people or machines pass over it.  If this method of disposition interests you, we recommend purchasing a wooden or biodegradable urn.  To learn more about urn vaults, please speak with a member of our staff.


Interment in columbarium

For some people, they do not feel comfortable spreading the cremated remains but also do not want to store them in their home. Many cemeteries offer a columbarium, a structure at the cemetery where your family can store the urn.

This option also presents many different styles of urns to choose from. We recommend purchasing a ceramic, brass, wooden, or glass urn for this method of disposition.



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